Cooperation is Key!

Harper Elementary School kicked off the month of September with the Character Education word: cooperation. Students in grades Pre-k through 5th are learning what it means to work together to get something accomplished.  In an effort to make learning not merely teaching words and definitions but putting those things into action, students in Morgan Adams's 2nd grade class practiced cooperating with others by playing a game Harper School Counselor Unetkia Sales calls "Pass the Ball." After learning about cooperation, the students were asked to form a circle and required to pass the ball without the use of their hands or feet. They could talk to each other, but could not directly hold the ball or use their legs to pass it. Once the ball made it around the circle, they were challenged to do it in less than 60 seconds. 

Ta'Kiya Sharp and Za'Niyah Thurman carefully practice cooperating to move the ball around the circle. 

Harper School Counselor Unetkia Sales and classmates applaud Amori Dixon and Hanna Ortiz for their actions using cooperation.