Twenty six hundred pounds of bottle caps were safely delivered yesterday, July 9th and 13 benches were picked up . The benches are currently sitting at Thomas University waiting to be delivered by our campers, Friday morning to Thomasville City Schools and Thomas County Schools.

We are documenting the trip on Facebook on the Division of Education site. Currently the campers are "off grid" at Mammoth Cave Kentucky. They will begin posting again late this afternoon from "The Children's Discovery Museum" in Chattanooga, Tennessee where they will have the museum to themselves for the night with museum staff leading them through the exhibits and a special rooftop lesson on constellations and Greek myths. The campers will arrive back in Thomasville tomorrow afternoon, July 11th.  Please join us July 12th, in our new location, The Campus Center at TU for a 2:30 presentation of a documentary created by our campers of the "Bottle Caps to Benches" project with a reception to follow.