Letter From Mr. Hugans

Greeting Harper Parents…

We are sharing the following options for students to use during our time away from
school. Please use the following links for digital access

Pre K- 2nd
Footsteps To Brilliance
Pre-K Printable Resources

3rd - 5th Grade
Printable Resources
Study Island

Mrs. Gebel
Mrs.Gebel's (speech/language)Google Classroom:2g6o37wle

Mrs. Shiver
Pre-K- 5th Printable Resources

Gates Students

Gates teachers will be posting enrichment activities to the GATES website and
sharing these via remind. The activities will line up with the tasks the students have
been working on in class with the GATES teachers.Parents can contact us via remind
(we have the message feature open) or email (we have shared our emails via remind
already).By Monday 8am we will all have activities posted that are aligned with the
Georgia Gifted Standards.

Digital Options Via Clever
Students can also access digital options via Clever. Students can use their Google
Login to access the content on the Clever page.

Hard copy assignments will be available during the hours of 8:00 - 4:00 P.M. Monday -
Friday. We will also provide hot lunches daily for students during the hours of 11:00 -
1:00. Please email or contact Mr. Hugans at 229-403-9331 or hugansm@tcitys.org